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Posting your e-mail address on your web site is a sure-fire way to get an Inbox full of spam. There are E-mail harvesting robots (programs) which crawl (search) the web for exposed e-mail addresses.

Listed here are links to several methods for generating code that will display your e-mail address correctly on your web page, but will be virtually undetectable by these email-harvesting robots.

Method #1:
This method requires no coding or scripting. Simply add additional text to your e-mail address, that makes your e-mail address incorrect! For anyone actually using your e-mail address, tell them to first remove the additional text.

Example: if your e-mail address is, then on your web site, post your e-mail address as:




By the way, this solution is also recommended when you post or use your e-mail address at any web based newsgroup or forum.



Method #2: E-Mail Obfuscator  


Google E-mail Obfuscator and you will find different ones 

Here is a great little web site that let's you enter your e-mail address, and it will then convert your e-mail address into an HTML code consisting of a series of hexadecimal values, that you can then copy and paste onto your web page wherever you wish to provide a link to your email address.

Example: gets converted to something like this:
a href="">
And here's how it looks embedded into a web page: 

Trust me ... although it looks like your email address is there, if you look at the HTML code (which is all that the e-mail robot spiders can view), it ain't really there!



Method #3: Hiveware Enkoder Form 6.0 Go to

Here is another web site, similar to the one above, except that it provides you options to specify the text that should appear on the page and for the mouse over, and optionally specify a default Subject line for your email.

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