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YES! Paravel Solutions has a special relationship with photographers. (That's because one of our owners is one.)

The common answers to questions that are asked for BluDomain are as follows. We are happy to make any adjustments as needed to support your BluDomain website.


Please answer the following:
1. What version of PHP does your server have? PHP Version 5.3.13

2. What is your ftp host name or ip?

3. what is your ftp user name? Please see your signup email for your username.

4. what is your ftp password? Please see your signup email for your password.

5. what is your control panel url?

6. what is your control panel username? Same as your ftp username.

7. what is your control panel password? Same as your ftp password.

8. what is your hosting company url?

9. Does your server meet *ALL* of the below requirements? Yes

10. Does your server have *all php settings* already set? Yes, all necessary settings can be set editing the local php.ini file if changes are needed.


a. safe-mode must be disabled (turned off) Can be set in user's php.ini.

b. register_globals must be set to on Can be set in user's php.ini.

c. max_upload_filesize set to 6MB or above (or .htaccess files that can change the php.ini settings for individual accounts must be supported) Can be set in user's php.ini.

e. php must be installed with GD Library GD Library is installed.

f. the php setting session.save_path must be set to a directory that exists on the server. This directory must be writable. It is.

g. php Calendar Support needs to be enabled It is.

h. upload_tmp_dir must be set to a valid writable path on the server. It is.

i. short_open_tags must be set to On It is.

2. Apache mod_security settings:

a. SecFilterEngine and SecFilterScanPOST must be set to Off It is.
b. mod_security must allow the following content types It does.
- application/java-archive
- application/octet-stream

3. your server must allow emails sent via the php mail() function

It Does, there are a limitations on maximum messages than can be adjusted on request.

4. server must support MYSQL and must have at least 1 mysql database available (2 are required for Juan)

Basic accounts come with one MySQL database. If you need additional databases, please open a support ticket and we will add an additional database to your photographers account at no additional charge.

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