How do I forward my emails to a different address? Print

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Sometimes you may wish to have your emails forwarded to another address. To do this you will need to do the following:

Log into your cPanel control panel for your site at (replace with your website address.)

Next, in the cPanel, look for the Mail section and click on "Forwarders".

Now click on "Add Forwarder".

Enter the address you want to forward, then enter the destination email address, discard, or Pipe it to a program.

Click "Add Forwarder".

Your messages will now be copied to the address you provided. Please note that depending on your server configuration, you may still need to log into the forwarded email account to remove old messages on occasion to keep your mail box from filling up. If you do not want email to collect on the server, once you have created the forward, simply delete the email account off the server and the forwarder will still work.

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