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10% Promise

10% PromiseDedicatedAs a part of our core values, Paravel Solutions has committed to giving 10% of all revenue every month to Christian humanitarian organizations that help those in need. As we continue to grow and gain more solution partners, so does the opportunity for us to give more and more. When you host with Paravel Solutions, you become a part of a bigger purpose in this effort to bless others in need.

We believe that if every organization, large and small, would donate just 10% of their profits, it would make an enormous difference in the world. Presently we support Five Million Faces Foundation, World Vision, Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and various other organizations both large and small.

Frequently asked questions about the 10% Promise program

How do I submit my charity for consideration?

We are always open to considering new charities for consideration in our 10% Promise program. To be considered, please submit a request in writing along with:

  • Last 3 years IRS Form 990 filings.
  • Current Sources of Revenue
  • Length of operation
  • Mission Statement
  • Program Budgets
  • Types of Programs & Target Recipients
  • and any other information you think might be helpful in our decision process.

Mail your request to:

Paravel Solutions
10% Promise Program
P.O. Box 2448
Palm Beach, FL 33480


What types of charities do you consider?

We only consider organizations granted tax-exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code and file a Form 990. 501(c) (3) organizations are considered public charities and all donations to them are tax-exempt. "Free" Churches and "Free" Church Programs are also considered, provided that regular church membership is a minimum of 200 members and the church has been in operation for more than 5 years. Additional information may be required to determine eligibility.

We don't consider 501(c) (4) organizations. 501(c) (4) organizations, like the Disabled American Veterans or the National Rifle Association of America, are allowed to spend a substantial portion of their revenue on lobbying our government and not to the cause of people in need.

We don't generally consider private foundations. Private foundations receive the majority of their money from only one individual, family or corporation. We will however take into consideration any private foundation who's operational budget devotes more than 90% of revenue to humanitarian relief programs.

At this time we can only consider charities based in the U.S. and registered with the IRS. However, the scope of a charity's work can be international.


What criteria do you use for considering a charity for inclusion on the program?

We consider charities by evaluating two broad areas of financial health, their organizational efficiency and their organizational capacity. This includes program expenses, administrative expenses, fundraising expenses and fundraising efficiency, primary revenue growth, and program expenses growth.

Every organization is considered on a case-by-case basis.


My charity is a small organization. Should I submit a request for consideration?

Yes, we are open to considering organizations of all sizes.


When will this program end?

It will not. The 10% Promise isn't a promotion, it is a conviction. We hope that by making this a permanent part of our business model that others will do the same and we can make a greater impact on our world.

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